Getting started

Grow Your Own (GYO) is a place-based workforce approach that can help you to develop a sustainable pipeline of local workers.

There are several common elements that are pivotal to the success of a GYO program, namely:

  • a clear understanding of what strategic business goals are motivating the desire to adopt a GYO approach
  • evidence-based strategic workforce planning
  • strong leadership support and co-operation
  • champions and advocates at every level of the organisation
  • cooperative and coordinated collaboration with stakeholders who share a common agenda 
  • alignment with industry workforce priorities
  • allocation of suitable personnel resources
  • tailored, flexible learning options and appropriate job seeker support pre- and post-employment
  • fiscal discipline to ensure financial sustainability
  • effective data capture and evaluation.

The following resources will help you to get started.

Planning Guide

Workforce planning is the process of forecasting an organisation’s workforce needs and structuring the workforce to ensure that it can deliver both current and future organisational objectives. The following is a guide to help you work through the Grow Your Own workforce planning process.

Create your own ecosystem map

Ecosystem mapping can be a collaborative, creative and valuable tool to aid strategic thinking, planning, and decision-making prior to implementing a Grow Your Own workforce program. It provides a great way to visually grasp the key players, relationships, opportunities and environmental factors at play. Ecosystem mapping works best when it is done collaboratively. Not only does it encourage engagement but it can also provide greater insights.

Readiness checklist

Conduct a basic assessment to determine where your organisation is at and identify the steps you may need to take to implement an inclusive, local labour recruitment (Grow Your Own workforce) program.